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February 2013 Challenge: Chinese New Year

Club Photo Shoot: February 12 2013 – Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Photoclub: Indoor still-life session

Club Challenges: November 2012-Adding Text

Club Challenges: October, 2012–Using layers

Club Photoshoot: 11 September 2012, Steveston Buddhist Temple

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Club Photoshoot: Nitobe Garden

13 Ways to Improve Your Photography in a Few Days

From our friends at Lightstalking

  1. Read The Manual.
  2. Never Leave Home Without It.
  3. Lighting Lessons in a Flash.
  4. Bring Backdrops to Your Forethought.
  5. Details Tell The Story.
  6. Follow the Sun.
  7. Move to Nature’s Beat.
  8. Get Ready for a Close-up.
  9. Angle Singularity.
  10. To Be an Inspiration You Need to Be Inspired.
  11. Light Your Way.
  12. Step in Time.
  13. Innovate and Reimagine.

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The effect of Critique

I had brought the picture below to a critique night led by one professional photographer and in front of a couple of dozen of amateurs. I did like the atmosphere of the picture and did not think this was that great of a picture. Here it is:

One of the critique was to remove the mud area an top, I did it by selecting a rectangle area from the top and then bringing it level with the water and reflections at the top.

Also criticized was the confusing amount of ducks at the top right. I decided to remove the top 3 and lower the bottom 3 to be in-line with the flying duck:

And this gave me the following: