Minoru Seniors Portrait project: Seniors Snapping Seniors

The idea came from a similar project in the US. Members of the Minoru Photography Club agreed that we would volunteer our skills and time, and have the printing done at our own expense to provide members of the Centre with a portrait of themselves at no charge, other than a voluntary donation to the Richmond Food Bank. We thought it would be a great way for us to expand our skills, to “give back” to the Centre, and, in the process, collect some donations for the Richmond Food Bank. We had no idea of what the response would be, and were surprised and gratified to find ourselves almost inundated. Once the project was complete, we were able to deliver $125, plus a large box of food, to the Food Bank.

There were no skinny, high cheek-boned professional models at the Centre taking part in these sessions, just real people, with great faces, reflecting character, and lives well-lived, proving that every age has its own beauty.