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A Brief Guide to Color Management for Photographers

Excellent article on Light Stalking Site about Color Management for Photographers.

Learn Photoshop Elements 11 on AdobeTV

Learn to use Photoshop Elements with tutorials selected by experts at Adobe. Find everything from Getting Started tutorials to new features, tips, and techniques. Use with Photoshop Elements 11.

20 Photoshop Tutorials That Will Get You Up to Speed

The excellent site Lightstalking came up with this post which I found interesting, in 20 demos it shows most of the useful features of photoshop:

  • How to Use Layers
  • How to Use Curves and Levels
  • Cloning and Spotting in Photoshop
  • Ad more cool tutorials

Read the full post on LightStalking

Club Challenges: June 2012-Textures

Playing with Smart Photo Editor



Smart Photo Editor can be found here

8 Things Every Camera Owner Should Know About Their Camera

This should be checklist and not only for your new cameras.

Read the full article on Digital Photography School Website

Amazing Way to Slow Down The Shooting Process

Interesting article and video at

Digital Photo School


From Cambridge in Colour

Each is listed roughly in the order that they should be applied:

White Balance – temperature and tint adjustment sliders
Exposure – exposure compensation, highlight/shadow recovery
Noise Reduction – during RAW development or using external software
Lens Corrections – distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations
Detail – capture sharpening and local contrast enhancement
Contrast – black point, levels and curves tools
Framing – straighten and crop
Refinements – color adjustments and selective enhancments
Resizing – enlarge for a print or downsize for the web or email
Output Sharpening – customized for your subject matter and print/screen size

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13 Ways to Improve Your Photography in a Few Days

From our friends at Lightstalking

  1. Read The Manual.
  2. Never Leave Home Without It.
  3. Lighting Lessons in a Flash.
  4. Bring Backdrops to Your Forethought.
  5. Details Tell The Story.
  6. Follow the Sun.
  7. Move to Nature’s Beat.
  8. Get Ready for a Close-up.
  9. Angle Singularity.
  10. To Be an Inspiration You Need to Be Inspired.
  11. Light Your Way.
  12. Step in Time.
  13. Innovate and Reimagine.

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